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So, this is not a real blog it is more of a story. Few days back I thought of expressing my digital marketing skills with everybody so I opened my facebook account and searched for some digital marketing groups to share my thoughts. Admin or some member of those groups accepted my invitation. Then I started to scroll down by thinking that there might be a huge number of digital marketing masterminds are talking to each other and sharing ideas. But as I started to scroll down more and more, I found out that few people are selling ‘facebook likes’ (yeah! you read it right facebook likes) and YouTube subs. So, I just skipped by thinking that, this one might be the one in a ten thousand case, so I skipped for that day and signed out from facebook.

The next day in the morning I saw there are tons of notifications in my mobile from that specific group and lots of people have posted this-and-that. So, I opened my facebook again and started to read them carefully. The more I scroll the more I see the same kind of posts in there. People selling facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, YouTube views for only Rs.50-500 range. The first thing that struck my mind is that “How is that even possible!”. How could someone sell facebook likes and YouTube subs and etc. How’s that gonna help other people and who’s gonna buy them?

Here are some images from that group I snapped, have a look:

After scanning through the timeline I realized there is a huge group of people who are literally doing this and this is what they are proud of (Selling fake facebook likes – though they call it genuine). My head started to spin a bit, and thought why on earth people are doing this business?? And there’s people who are also buying these stuffs as well! How disturbing is that!

I started to feel that my ethics don’t allow me to do such things, at least not with my client’s business. Being a digital marketing professional, this is a very shameful experience for me and also hurt my thoughts that people who are taking digital marketing courses from different agencies and institutes are literally ending up with such lame businesses and a very bad practice for digital marketing.

This also will affect real businesses who are really working hard to build their brand. After all this is not how digital marketing works. There’s a huge difference between a genuine/authentic like (a potential customer) and a fake one which acts like a genuine one and the same goes for youtube and other social media platforms as well. Digital marketing is not a magic trick, it requires knowledge, patience, time, skills and guts to improvise and implement new ideas and that’s how a brand is created, that is how that brand makes a connection with its customers which will help in a long term relationship with your customers and obviously a good one.

I really don’t know how to stop them who are making money out of this fake business. But at least I can help with educating people about this scam and create an awareness. It is my duty to protect what I have learnt and what’s real. If this information helps only few people then I will take that as a success. I know that, few businesses nowadays don’t care about authenticity, they look for numbers and that is why this niche is evolving.

If you think that bad practices in digital marketing should stop, then please educate people, tell them what is right. Also if you think your practices are genuine then support this article by sharing with the one who really deserves.


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