Emails can change the way you think

It's been a long time and we are still struggling to achieve the best marketing tactics. Most of us must have found many different ways to promote a business but with time all the tactics gets obsolete. Right now it is the time when we re-create a similar marketing strategy [...]

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Be aware of Digital Marketing scams

So, this is not a real blog it is more of a story. Few days back I thought of expressing my digital marketing skills with everybody so I opened my facebook account and searched for some digital marketing groups to share my thoughts. Admin or some member of those groups [...]

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People are going crazy for this feature on Facebook – The Text Delight Animation

It’s end of March 2018 and people are going literally crazy for a simple feature that facebook rolled out on October 2017 and that is text delight animation. So what is text delight animation? It is nothing but some animations that pops up in your desktop or mobile screen when [...]

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Google has launched Youtube Director Onsite service worth Rs. 60,000 for Free

Okay so Google is now facing some major challenges as well with their finance. They are trying to push more small businesses to invest more money in their platform whether it is G-suite or Adwords. Now they have rolled out a new service called ‘YouTube Director Onsite’. So, what is [...]

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